The wonderful Otter Trail, South Africa



  • South AfricaTsitsikamma National Park
  • 42km
  • 5 days, 4 nights
  • clean huts, no tent needed
  • permits are difficult to get as only 12 hikers start each day. December and Easter holidays are highest demand.
  • Recommended to book 12 months in advance. (Because folks book so early, it’s often possible to get a last minute cancellation spot.)

Deborah Schäfer and Hugo Vincent posted a lovely trip report on the Arcteryx blog.

They loved it.  But warn us of the dangers crossing the bigger rivers such as the Lottering and the Bloukrans.

Hugo Vincent, South Africa, Otter Trail

On the other hand, we’re advised to bring a bathing suit as there are plenty of fresh water and salt water opportunities en route.

Hugo Vincent, South Africa, Otter Trail

It’s one of our top 10 coastal hiking trails in the world.

Hugo Vincent, South Africa, Otter Trail

If you want to organize it for yourself, check our Otter Trail information page.